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Devine Transformation

Devine Transformation

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🧿🦋Devine Transformation 🧿🦋


🧿🦋From a cocoon to a butterfly, Devine Transformation is a candle that's soft, delicate, warm but fierce. She stands in the light after being in the dark for so long... She wandered in Liminal space for so long she familiarised herself with the shadows.🧿🦋

🌻✨️She found how delicate her love for herself could be in a harsh world and remembered she could transform into whatever she wanted🌻✨️

🔮🌿Lunar Rose Quartz is a stone about transformation, helping you assimilate lessons and experiences to evolve. It assists in letting go, cleansing and dissolving negative energies and thought patterns. Lunar Quartz is strongly linked with the moon. Work with it throughout the different moon phases to activate deep shifts and healing.

This is an excellent stone of protection for shamanic journeying and astral realm work. Gentle and grounding, Lunar Quartz does not overwhelm or work fast – it can teach one to slow down and allow healing and knowledge to blossom in divine timing, facilitating a stronger sense of trust in oneself and one’s place in the universe

The first layer is scented with Strawberries 🍓 and Kiwi 🥝 

The second layer is scented with  Sweet Orange 🍊 and Dark Amber 


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