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Seven Twilights

Let That Sh*t Go

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The Botswana Agate crystal  paired with white Howlite will bring tou a sense of peace and rest. Our unique blend of Blackberry, Bayberry and Honey will make you feel as though you are cocooned in a cashmere blanket of love. This candle will fragrance your home and continue to offer the calming energy associated with the crystals


This candle has been designed to open your heart chakra and offer infinite peace. It will open the heart at all levels and provide inner healing and self-love (something we all need more of).

The notes:

Base: Honey

Middle: Blackberry

Top: Bay Berry


The affirmations:

I understand that every relationship starts with me, I have wonderful loving relationship with myself.
I deserve to be loved.
I am thankful and grateful for the love in my life.
I am ready for a healthy and loving relationship.

The nitty gritty:

Burn time: 40 hours
100% natural Rapeseed and coconut 🥥 Wax
100% cotton lead, free wicks
Hand poured in Windsor Berkshire 
Affirmations will provide stronger energy

All 20cl come with one crystals or two small one depending on availability due to the size of the glass.