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Seven Twilights

Larima Slice

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Deep sea healing🤍

100% natural, not treated, heated, or colored.

⭐Only found in the Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 

⭐Stone of the Sea 

⭐Being peace ,serenity and peace of mind

Extremely rare high vibration stone, Larimar is unparalleled in connecting us with nature and counteracting any imbalances. Connects us with the angelic realms. Dissolves energy blocks, particularly in head, throat & heart space.

Also called Mermaid Stone, or Dolphin Stone, Larimar is a Powerful soul mate stone, calling in your twin flame by mending past life trauma and unresolved issues. Helps give voice to your heart.

Pairs powerfully with moldavite, lemurian & auralite crystals

Embody the serenity of the sea and sky with the water element stone born of volcanic fire. One of the few stones with the ability to balance these two energies harmoniously. Cools tempers, calms fears and alleviates stress, while deeply nourishing the emotional and physical body.

Extremely soothing Empath Protection, Larimar brings messages from the ancient continent of Atlantis. Known to be connected to mermaids, dolphins and other mystical beings at sea.

Finely tuned to the body and especially healing for the throat area. Soothing to the soul, Larimar trickles through you with messages from another time and place. A beautiful ally for times of stress, releasing chords that bind you, karmic patterns and traumas, while healing the aura.

From the heart of the Bahoruco mountains in Dominican Republic, these volcanic tunnels are the only place in the world where Larimar is found and they are practically inaccessible. We’re unsure how long we will have access to more Larimar and many variables go into bringing these beauties to the world. 

Care: This is a great stone to sit with in meditation. It's activated by holding it, or placing it on you and loves water, but can be sensitive to the sun. Divine for moon rituals, meditation, and crystal grids.

Bathed and marinated in the light of the full moon and sea energies of my sacred cavern in the tropics.

Minerals: a rare blue variety of silicate mineral pectolite, the unique volcanic blue comes from copper, red hematite

Every piece of Larimar from our shop is a collector's piece filled with otherwordly healing and comes inclusive with an ebook series designed to awaken your inner sea goddess, your divine nature, and a surprise gift.

Happy Birthday to you

A very unique, special and mindful gift for the spiritual soul

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