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Seven Twilights

🧚‍♀️Magic Lies within you, Awaken it🌌

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💜This is our newest Mini Gift Box 🎁 🌊Epsom & Dead Sea Salts with Lavender & JasmineLavender is a multipurpose plant.

People use lavender in many ways to promote good health and well-being. Jasmine oil is a favorite in aromatherapy for several reasons.

🔮Pink tourmaline is of great benefit to people that feel overwhelmed with anxiety, fear and panic attacks, or who are in need of help for healing their inner dread.It’s thought to be a heart protector as well as an aphrodisiac and it encourages feelings of safety in love which in turn instills confidence🌌For a long time

We believed that Magic is all around the air that we breath, on the ground we walk on, the sea we swim in, the suns Ray's and the moons guidance🌌🧘‍♀️

We wanted a fruity fragrance for this candle nothing too deep just keeping it light and airy as what sometimes Magick is. 🧘‍♀️

🥭 Mango....🍈Papaya......Fig🧅 There's power in the number 3. .

🔮Purple Tourmaline Purple Tourmaline has an incredibly serene energy. Like all Tourmaline, it is deeply grounding and protective, however Purple Tourmaline takes that deep security even further and grounds it deeply into the Earth beneath us, then raises it through each chakra all the way into the upper Crown. It facilitates remarkable Zen-like meditation as well as deep relaxation and trust in the Divine. Purple Touramline is attuned to the Root, Heart, and Crown Chakras and linked to the astrological signs of Libra, Scorpio and Taurus. It is connected to the elements Water and Earth and vibrates to the numbers 1, 2, 4, and 5.🧚‍♀️🪔

Our Magical oils consists of 10!!! Yes TEN ( we are letting you in on our secret) Natural, animal cruelty free and Vegan Ingredients 🪔🥥Coconut Oil🌻 Sunflower Oil🌰Argan oil🕊Olive oil🌵Aloe Vera Oil🌱Caster Oil🌾Wheat Germ Oil🥕Carrot oil🌰Sweet Almond Oil🧆Jojoba Oil🌌Twilight Magical Oils can be used as an all over body oil.🌌🧚‍♀️ Not only is it packed with Nutrition it's healthy for the skin🧚‍♀️🌻It's smells like sunshine 🌞 and warm breeze💨. 🕊Brilliant for dry skin and really does help with allot of skin conditions.

You can use this oil to improve your mood, u can use it on your hands , feet or kity kat.... or simply just enjoy the sweet floral fragrance it adds to your surroundings

Happy Birthday to you

A very unique, special and mindful gift for the spiritual soul

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