Collection: I am Love & Light


This familiar word encompasses our life, always. However, do you realize that “love” is actual energy, within and around, an integral part of the universe? Typically we use Love as part of our human emotional experience; however, it is so much more.When we feel Love, we’ve attuned to the vibration of the energy of Love. It is the most potent source of all vibrations; it can change a moment in time from chaos to peace. Nothing is grander than sharing, feeling, or experiencing the vibration of Love.


Light, in a spiritual sense, unlike Light from a bulb, or the sun, is more of a spiritual conversation, not necessarily one that takes place daily. From a spiritual perspective, Light has a precise meaning.Light is the energy and frequency of all-knowing wisdom, the stuff that Sages, Gurus, Masters, and even the likes of Yoda from Star Wars lives, breaths, and vibrates with. To live in the Light means that the vibration of the all-knowing, and all-wise shines from within. When you send someone Light, or someone offers you Light, it means the frequency of wisdom is offered to you.

Love And Light

Therefore, When You Are Offering Someone “Love And Light,” You Are Offering The Ideal Energy Of The Universe And Wisdom.