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Seven Twilights

Eucalyptus & Honey

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Normaler Preis
£10.00 GBP

🌿Seriously I can not get over the scent, look and feel of this...in all honesty I don't even know how I came about creating this Magical blend of Golden bath salts🌊

🌾These salts have real CEDAR leaves and Globe Amaranth petals, Roses 🌹 and Callendula petals. 🌿

dipped in Soft moisturing oil thats been blessed by the full moon to elevate your spiritual ritual for cleansing yourself of negative thoughts of energy, or by asking the devine to attract by bringing in abundance of love, hope, peace, joy or Money. 

This spiritual bath is so versatile due to the salts....herbs...oils and intention you can use it for all of the above. 

🌞I'm still not sure if we should call it by its Scent ( Eucalyptus & Honey) Or by it's appearance ( living life like it's golden)

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